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Carbon Impact Calculations

Above and Beyond…

We know that you care how your business is viewed by your customers and community, and as a result, we offer Carbon Impact Calculations affording you the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint. Both you and your clients care about your firm’s environmental impact. You want your organization to be responsible and respected within your community. Your clients want yet another reason to reinforce their decision to continue purchasing from you. For both you and your clients, the results of a carbon impact audit are essential.

The term voting with your checkbook has become increasingly popular and the practice of only purchasing goods and services that align with social priorities has dramatically altered individual businesses and even entire industries. Rather than leaving it to others to assess your environmental impact, you need to get ahead of the curve and tell your own story.

So where do you stand?

We’ll take a close look at dozens of factors, from power sources to recycling practices, from HVAC efficiency to travel policies. Assessing the impact of each of these factors, we’ll conduct a comprehensive audit and let you know how close your firm is to being carbon-neutral. And, of course, we’ll also point out areas where you can further reduce your carbon footprint, often at the same time reducing your expenses.

Call us today to review our methodology and weigh the value of a full carbon impact audit.